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2016 has been a very busy year for tunnel openings with a handful of new locations opening each month. June has been quiet on the new tunnel front, but last Saturday that all changed. From the 11th to the 15th there was a new tunnel opening its doors to the public every other day. These 3 new openings bring us to a count of 19 new tunnels opened so far this year! The total operational tunnels now numbers at a total of 104.

Opening Details


Weembi is Open

Opened in the city of Lesquin in northern France on June 11th.
This tunnel is the second 17 ft diameter wind tunnel to open - now matching Fly-In for the worlds largest. The two tunnels sit roughly 100 miles apart in a small hotbed of tunnels in northern France and Belgium. The machine is a Strojirna Litvinov made model with some new improvements to the design that are supposed to improve the wind flow quality. This tunnel is France's 4th public wind tunnel to open.

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SpeedFly is Open

Opened in Mirosławice, Poland just south of Wrocław on June 13th.
Similar to Weembi, this tunnel is also a Strojirna Litvinov built machine. This machine uses "innovative technology SADR, which significantly reduces air flow resistance and energy losses". The main difference being this tunnel is a standard 14 ft model. This tunnel is Poland's 4th public wind tunnel to open.

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iFLY Lyon

iFLY Lyon is Open

Opened in the south of France in Lyon on June 15th.
This facility is the 53rd SkyVenture tunnel to open worldwide. This new iFLY location is part of the iFLY France group which is also involved with the iFLY Paris project. That project is scheduled to open later this year. This tunnel is a 14 ft ground level tunnel with a custom building plan compared to what we see in the USA. This tunnel is France's 5th public wind tunnel to open.

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Congrats to all the teams involved with these three projects. The indoor skydiving industry is absolutely booming right now and we are really excited to see the direction things are heading!

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