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AKM Tunnels was founded in 2016 as a division of the company, AKM-AVIA. A wide experience in the aviation industry gave them the knowledge and experience to create high-efficiency axial fans and wind tunnels.

Their wind tunnels have an original innovative design and are presented in all types and sizes such as vertical indoor, vertical open, and indoor wingsuit tunnels. Any locations and all-year-round operations are supported. The best solution for sports and lesiure.

All AKM Wind Tunnels are driven by electricity and equipped with high-end automatic digital control systems. Advantages: High safety, low-cost operation, fast payback, easy to build and start, and eco-friendly.

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Tunnel Types Offered:


Compact open-air wind tunnel for beginners and pro flyers.
Size: 12x3.6x11.7 m
Flight chamber: D 2.2 m H 5 m
Power: 630 kW
Price: 240,000 USD


Compact indoor wind tunnel for beginners and pro flyers.
Size: 13.8x5x13 m
Flight chamber: D 2.4 m H 6.5 m
Power: 470 kW
Price: 315,000 USD


Compact+ indoor wind tunnel for free fly training. 2 way VFS.
Size: 17x7x17 m
Flight chamber: D 2.8 m H 8 m
Power: 670 kW
Price: 470,000 USD


Wingsuit Wind Tunnel. For wingsuit jumpers and ski jumper training.
Size: 16x6.7x13 m
Flight chamber size: 4 x 3 m
Power: 500 kW
Price: 600,000 USD


Medium class indoor wind tunnel. For free fly training up to 2 way RW, 6 way VFS.
Size: 18.x7x18 m
Flight chamber: D 3.2 m H 10 m
Power: 860 kW
Price: 600,000 USD


High class (FAI approved) indoor wind tunnel. All wind tunnel sports disciplines, 4 way RW, 8 way VFS.
Size: 22x8x24
Flight chamber: 4.3 m H 12 m
Power: 1500 kW
Price: 2,500,000 USD

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Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
Free Fly Ekaterinburg
7.2ft (2.2m) November 2017 Recirculating