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Vertical is an innovative, Dubai-based, wind tunnel developer and manufacturer with a mission to offer the greatest body flight experience at the lowest operating cost. The company designs and builds single loop recirculating and portable vertical wind tunnels. They provide turnkey solutions in sales and operations. Their direct connection with the wind tunnel operator leaders at Inflight Dubai allows them to combine many years of operational experience with an innovative research and development program. The result is a totally new concept for the world of indoor skydiving.

With their comprehensive research and development drawing upon expertise from aerospace engineering, Vertical® is proud to present:

  • The only zero-pressure, single loop system in the world for wind tunnels up to 18 feet diameter.
  • Portable Wall-to-Wall wind tunnels.

The Vertical® Single Loop provides a smooth and steady airflow for flyers with uninterrupted access to the flight chamber. An efficiently-designed system allows for significantly lower consumption of energy while maintaining stringent safety standards.

The portable wind tunnel design features a 10-foot diameter and total flying height of 18 feet. This wall-to-wall wind tunnel is the biggest open vertical wind tunnel in the world.

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Services Offered

Cooperation Options - Outright sales (No Royalties); Franchise; License
Military - Specialized work for military customers.
Rental of Portable - for temporary locations, seasonal rental, events, movies and shows
Other Services - Commissioning, training (technical and operational), maintenance service and IT system
Custom Projects - Vertical also works with clients on custom designed tunnels for permanent shows.

Based in
Dubai, UAE

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Tunnel Types Offered
Vertical Portable Tunnel
Wall-to-Wall Portable

This wall-to-wall wind tunnel is the biggest open vertical wind tunnel in the world.

Vertical Single Loop Recirculating
Single Loop Recirculating

Wall to Wall Single Loop Zero Pressure tunnel offering the greatest body flight experience at lowest operating cost. By all dimensions of flying area, the biggest wind tunnel in the world.

Standard Sizes 12, 14 and 17-feet diameter and up to 90 feet in height.

Vertical Custom Tunnel
Custom Made

Wind tunnels for unique applications built on a per-project basis.

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