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About Vertical:

Vertical is the made in Italy of the wind tunnel industry. We have more than 10 years of experience.

We design, patent and craft each single tunnel that we produce; independently. With style.

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Services Offered:

  • Tunnel technology and steel structure – design, manufacturing and sale.
  • Consultancy services for wind tunnel purchase, design and start up.
  • Wind tunnel valuation, diligence and appraisal.

Based in
Italy / UAE

Year Founded

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Tunnel Types Offered:

Vertical - High Performance

10 to 22 feet

- High performance
- Highest efficiency
– All year operational

GOOD FOR - Pro Flyers, Competition, Skydivers, Military

Vertical - Smart-R

8-10 feet

– High Efficiency
– World smallest recirculating tunnel (patented)
– All year operational
– Low investment
– Movable

GOOD FOR - Theme Park, Shopping mall, Drop zones, Private

Vertical - Open Flow

8-10 feet

    – Free Standing Structure
    – Low investment
    – Movable

GOOD FOR - Air show, Marketing events

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This manufacturer does not currently have any active or coming wind tunnels.