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Tunnel Technologies is a newcomer to the wind tunnel manufacturing scene. The investors and team for this project come from St. Petersburg in Russia. This same group is responsible for running the existing vertical wind tunnel in St. Petersburg - FlyStation. The team has created a newly designed wind tunnel. This model is already slated to be installed around the world, with more locations surely to come.

Wind Tunnel Technology

Tunnel Technologies has announced their brand new wind tunnel design - TT45V1. This design is a two-sided recirculating model. 4 axial fans power this 4.5 m (14.75 feet) diameter tunnel to speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph). The flight chamber glass is 8 m (26.2 feet) high. The height of the flight chamber is 16 m (52.5 feet) tall to the lowest part of the turning vanes, and 19.4 m (63.6 feet) to the peak. This model includes air ventilation plus air conditioning.

A full featured control panel and software suite is provided with the tunnel. This software handles the operation as well as media for tunnel customers.

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Tunnel Technologies Wind Tunnels (9)

 Under Construction
 Open to the Public
 Privately Operated

Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
14.8ft (4.5m) 2018 Recirculating
FlyStation Akishima
14.8ft (4.5m) 2018 Recirculating
FlyStation Chiba New Town
14.8ft (4.5m) 2018 Recirculating
FlyStation Japan
14.8ft (4.5m) March, 2017 Recirculating
FlyStation Korea
South Korea
14.8ft (4.5m) 2018 Recirculating
FlyStation Munich
14.8ft (4.5m) 2017 Recirculating
FlyStation Osaka
14.8ft (4.5m) 2018 Recirculating
FlyStation Yokohama
14.8ft (4.5m) 2018 Recirculating
Tunnel Tech Saint Petersburg
9ft (2.8m) 2018 Recirculating