Looking for information on building or renting an indoor skydiving facility? Read our article on the topic.
Below are all the active wind tunnel manufacturers that design and construct indoor skydiving facilities around the world.
AERODIUM Technologies Logo
AERODIUM Technologies
Based in: Riga, Latvia
Founded: 1979

Services Offered:

Outright Ownership
Mobile Installations & Rentals
Entertainment & Show Installations
Military Facilities

Tunnel Types Offered:

Propeller Below
Open Flow
Custom Built

Actiflow Logo

Year Founded: 2005
Aerolab Logo

Year Founded: 1947
Bodyflight Mobile Systems Logo

Bodyflight Mobile Systems
Year Founded: 2008
Custom Built Logo

Custom Built
Year Founded:
Eydisa Wind Tunnels Logo

Eydisa Wind Tunnels
Year Founded: 2014
Freefly Technology Logo

Freefly Technology
Year Founded: 2017
Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG) Logo

Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG)
Year Founded: 2007
SkyVenture Logo

Year Founded: 1998
Strojirna Litvinov Logo

Strojirna Litvinov
Year Founded: 2011
Tornado Logo

Year Founded: 2004
Tunnel Technologies Logo

Tunnel Technologies
Year Founded: 2014
Vertical Logo

Year Founded: 2013