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Rue de Grass 103
Arlon, Sterpenich 6700 Belgium - Map
Open 7 days a week.
  • Monday-Tuesday: 14:00-21:30
  • Friday-Sunday: 10:00-21:30
15ft (4.6m) Recirculating
Tunnel Tech Wind Tunnel

Tunnel Overview

Luxfly is a new tunnel project from Steve & Magali Braff who are well known for their involvement with Airspace in Charleroi. This new project sits across Belgium in Arlon, Belgium. The tunnel sits on the border of Belgium and Luxembourg. As you can tell by the name they are targeting the Luxembourg City market at large.


A modern & sophisticated leisure infrastructure integrated with the latest generation of indoor skydiving technologies. Luxfly Skydive is an indoor skydiving venture that is tailor-made to bring in the outdoor fun, inside. This new wind tunnel is located in Sterpenich which sits on the Border of Belgium and Luxembourg.

The founders of Luxfly Skydive are Steve & Magali Braff from Starfly World (an indoor skydiving consultancy agency), they are also the brain behind the first wind tunnel in Belgium.

Some of the key features of the new wind tunnel include the modernization and sophistication of the infrastructure and tunnel technology. The founders chose to work together with Tunnel Technologies, because of their world-class technological capabilities and latest generation of the wind tunnels that will definitely leave a mark on the industry. This combination created unbeatable strength and ideologies in the business and we are yet to find any other organizations that can much up to their potential and capability.

Luxfly Skydive will be the ultimate bucket-list experience that you can enjoy with both family and friends. If you have a competitive edge, Luxfly Skydive will offer you a platform as well with competitions and highly qualified instructors to develop your flying skills.

Flyer Information

Gear & Training
You will be provided with all the equipment you need. This includes a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and earplugs. Check out our Gear Guide if you're interested in taking your own equipment with you.

Facility Offerings

  • Group/Event Hosting
  • Party Rooms
  • Conference Facilities

Age Limit
4 to 99

Weight Limit
120 kg max.

You should not fly if you are pregnant or have previous shoulder dislocations.

More Questions About Flying?
Please read our FAQs.

The Experience
The entire first time flight experiences take roughly 1-2 hours. After arriving and checking in, you take part in a personalized training session before gearing up to fly. During your flights your instructor teaches you to fly your body. You take turns flying one at a time with other first time flyers.


Luxfly has a range of packages to suit everyone.

Armstrong – 79.90€
A first perfect experience!
An introduction to the world of flying, this pack is excellent for getting started and discovering the thrill of falling-free and includes the equivalent of 2 skydives in freefall.

Falcon9 – 149.90€
The pack that doubles the pleasure by including the equivalent of 4 skydives in freefall.

Larger packs and group bookings are also available.

For first time flights we recommend between 2 and 6 minutes of flight time per person. This gives you enough time to understand the basics of flying your body and is plenty of time for a great experience. For more pricing information, read our pricing article.

Technical Information

Instructor Rating System
Tunnel Instructor

Tunnel Tech

Tunnel Type

Open Since:

Flight Chamber Style
Round Wall-to-Wall

Flight Chamber Diameter
15ft (4.6m)

Flight Chamber Height
68.9 ft (21 m)

Top Wind Speed

Travel & Accommodation

Nearby Airports

Luxembourg Airport

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Car Hire

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Average rating of 5 from 1 review(s).

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the place to fly
Review Date: December 16, 2020
5/5 Stars

This is the place to fly. We have tried in July the first time and rapidly were charmed by the place, the atmosphere, the dedicated staff and the wind tunnel which in itself is an extraordinary experience due to its size!
Staff is very nice and extremely dedicated, wind instructor are experienced and excellent ...besides being fun and caring. The place itself is worth seing since around the wind tunnel there is an auditorium so for those not fyling, they can sit, relax and enjoy the view. Not to forget the owner ...constantly present and the nicest persons ever, living from their passion ...we entered in July became rapidly proflyer and flying everyweek with enthusiasm. It started like a funny event and ended as a real sport! Don't hesitate to come and pay a visit to the smile factory! you will for sure end up with a smile on your face! :-)

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