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Status Tunnel Name City Opened / Opening Flight Chamber Size Manufacturer
AERODIUM Chongqing Qi Jiang District December 2018 9ft (2.8m) AERODIUM Technologies
AERODIUM Disneyland Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai June 16th, 2016 14ft (4.3m) AERODIUM Technologies
AERODIUM Macau Macau Late 2019 14ft (4.3m) AERODIUM Technologies
AERODIUM Wuzhizhou Island Wuzhizhou Island Late 2017 6.9ft (2.1m) AERODIUM Technologies
Chengdu Sky Venture Jinniu 2009 N/A Custom Built
Dalian Flight Experience Jinshitan 2012 10ft (3.1m) AERODIUM Technologies
Flying Dream Dengfeng Early 2016 9ft (2.8m) AERODIUM Technologies
iFLY Jihua Park Chongqing October, 2016 14ft (4.3m) SkyVenture
iFLY Jihua Park 3 Changchun Mid 2019 14ft (4.3m) SkyVenture
iFLY Shenzhen Shenzhen Early 2019 14ft (4.3m) SkyVenture
Skydive Arena Beijing Beijing 2021 14ft (4.3m) Strojirna Litvinov
Skydive Arena Guangzhou Guangzhou 2020 14ft (4.3m) Strojirna Litvinov

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