Parasport Z1 Full Face Helmet

The Parasport Z1 SL-14 improves upon the tried and true Z1 design and introduces new features including the Skylight visor.

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$300 USD

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Product Description

The Parasport Z1 SL-14 takes the already successful Parasport Z1 helmet and makes many new improvements. The new model includes many major shell improvements as well as the introduction of the Skylight visor. The helmet is made from injection molded high impact ABS which is the same material used to build motorcycle helmets.

Wider face opening for better peripheral vision, you can barely notice you have a Z1 on your head. Peripheral awareness and handles visibility are also improved.

New collar design – The fabric skirt has been redesigned and shaped for a nicer and comfortable fit. The back has extra padding to give more comfort at the back of the neck.

New latching system – With a single action movement you will be able to close the collar around your neck and secure the Z1 SL-14 with the chinstrap buckle. Easy to adjust and maintain.

Long-established visor locking system – Proofed by years of use and thousands of Z1’s in the market, the single hand action to open and close, reliable, easy to maintain visor locking system is improved by the new design of the Skylight visor.

New, redesigned liner – A new shape, new materials, best comfort ever. Still single size shell with replaceable liner (made of three separate pieces) used to set the size.

Improved airflow – The new liner has been redesigned for a better airflow circulation inside the shell.


Parasport Size Chart

Color Options:

The Z1 SL-14 is available in all the following colors in either a glossy or matt finish.

Parasport Z1 SL-14 Color Options


Technical Specs

  • Integrated polycarbonate flip-up visor
  • Unique practical and affordable visor mechanism
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, sturdy replaceable visor
  • Airtight collar, combined with safety chinstrap
  • Interchangeable liner (can be washed in the washing machine!)
  • Size is set by the liner. Available sizes are S, M, L, XL and XXL