Tonfly Uno630 Race Suit

The Tonfly Uno.630 Race is the perfect suit for anyone looking for the tightest fit, highest performance suit available. The custom built leg with zipper eliminates extra drag.

Suggested Retail Price

$600 USD

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Product Description

Tonfly has improved their Uno.630 Tunnel design with the improved and tighter fitting Race model. The Race includes a newly rebuilt lower leg which includes a zipper cuff. This cuff allows you to remove lower leg drag for a maximum tight fit.

Lower Leg Detail:

Available Fabric Colors:


Technical Specs

Cordura 180: 100% PA Breathable – Light Weight
Cordura 500: 100% PA Not Breathable – Medium Weight
Diamant Elastic: 45%PES – 38%PA – 3%EA – 14%PU Wind Repellent – Breathable – 4way Stretch – Light Weight
Net: 100% PA Breathable – Light Weight

Built in knee and elbow pads optional.
Inside pocket.
Cone collar.