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A Flyer and instructor doing a high flight.

Flying Super High in SkyFly

Two flyers in SkyFly

Single flyer in SkyFly

Enjoying some flight time with her instructor! Photo credit: monibecker13

Kids and instructors have a great time together!

An instructor sit-flying in Naperville

A young flyer enjoying some flight time

Fun with a first time flyer in Rosemont

A girl enjoying some flight time! Image credit: mrbougher

Enjoying some flying time. Photo credit: woahitsangie

Head up flying in New York. Photo credit: markovichmarko

The RedBull team visiting Gravity in Bahrain

5 Belly flyers in a round formation in this Aerodium powered wind tunnel in Bahrain.

A photo of Tunnel Technologies and Tacos Telecom who will build the first wind tunnel in South Korea.

A first time flyer enjoys a high flight in this southern California wind tunnel.

A woman enjoying her first flight at iFLY Kansas City.

A first time flyer enjoying Aerodium Slovenia.

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