SandStorm 2016 Scrambles: Event Wrap-Up

SandStorm 2016 Scrambles Event Coverage
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Header: Inflight Dubai SandStorm
FS Podium Shots: Max Haim
Dynamic Podium Shots: Juan Mayer
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Following the first SandStorm scrambles event held in 2015, Inflight Dubai hosted SandStorm 2016 on April 22nd. This, the second SandStorm scrambles event hosted 64 participants in 2 flying disciplines The disciplines were split into 2 categories each as follows: 4-Way FS Rookie & Intermediate + Dynamic 2 and 4 Way.

Event Results

FS Rookie Podium Shot

FS Rookie:

  1. Dutchy's
  2. Heroes & Zeros
  3. Chitty Chitty Bust Bust

FS Intermediate Podium Shot

FS Intermediate:

  1. The Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers
  2. e-LEMON-ators
  3. Break Like the Wind

Full FS Results:

SandStorm 2016 FS Discipline Results

Dynamic 2 Way Podium Shot

Dynamic 2 Way Results:

  1. Little and Large
  2. Share-a-Van
  3. Shut Up Omar

Dynamic 4 Way Podium Shot

Dynamic 4 Way Results:

  1. Employee of the Month
  2. Bench Pressers
  3. Randy Ryanopolis

Full Dynamic Results:

SandStorm 2016 Dynamic Discipline Results

Videos & Media

The event was hosted via a livestream and the organizers have posted event highlight videos for FS and Dynamic:

FS Highlight Video

Dynamic Highlight Video

Congrats to the competitors and we are looking forward to see what is in store for next year's scrambles competition!

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