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Unfortunate news comes from Paris this week as a major fire broke out late Wednesday night at the Cite des Sciences. iFLY Paris is currently under construction in the Vill'up Mall which is currently under construction . The fire spread to a size of 10,000 square meters. It was thought to have started in a construction area. The fire spread so quickly due in part to the fire systems being disabled due to the construction.

From Wednesday night through Thursday morning a crew of over 120 helped to fight the fire. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries.

Updates have come through from the iFLY Paris team that have been mostly positive. It appears that the wind tunnel did not suffer much if any damage during the fire.

iFLY Paris Relatively Spared during Fire

The sad news is the 2015 opening date appears to be pushed to at least 2016.

iFLY Paris Opening Pushed Back

Our condolences go out to the entire team behind this project. We hope that this unfortunate event causes minimal delay in the opening of this wind tunnel. You can find out more about the tunnel and stay up-to-date on the iFLY Paris Profile.

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