iFLY Loudoun Opening Announcement
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Today, March 16th 2016 marks the opening date for the latest iFLY vertical wind tunnel. This newest location is situated just off the Harry Byrd Highway at 20315 Commonwealth Center Drive. This tunnel will serve the Washington DC/Baltimore area's roughly 9 million citizens. The tunnel is roughly a 35 mile drive from the heart of DC.

Visitors to the tunnel can expect to find a 14 foot recirculating model similar to many other iFLY facilities around the US. The 3 story building includes facilities for hosting parties, corporate groups and educational events.

This tunnel joins the recent spree of new iFLY facilities that have opened around the world. The most recent being last weeks opening of a new tunnel near downtown Chicago. So far 2016 has seen 6 new locations with this Loudoun location being the 7th. This is now the 47th SkyVenture wind tunnel to open.

More information about this tunnel can be found on the iFLY Loudoun tunnel profile in the ISS database.

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