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A photo of iFLY Houston Woodlands, a similar design to appear in Oceanside.
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Update May 22nd:

The city council rejected an appeal from the local residents who oppose the construction of the business with a 3-2 vote. This gives the project the green light to move forward.


During a public hearing on Monday March 14th, 2016, the Planning Commission of Oceanside, CA met and unanimously approved the application to build a new iFLY indoor skydiving. The location is to be a co-owned franchise location. This is the first franchise location to be announced since iFLY Virginia Beach which was opened in early 2015. Co-owner and Navy veteran Robert Blomsness was present at the hearing, supporting the project.

Blomsness spoke to the family friendly atmosphere, support for military training and educational programs that will take place at the discussed location.

Notes from the public hearing specify the building to be a 4,967 square foot structure that is 59 feet in height. The location is to be constructed on a vacant lot which sits at the northeast corner of Valley Glen Drive and Vista Way. This location is just south of the El Camino Country Club and surrounding community. As of 2013 the population of Oceanside was 172,794.

iFLY Oceanside Location Map from Hearing Notes

Despite the unanimous decision for the location, the surrounding neighbors have their doubts. Richard Gillette who lives in the area had collected 62 signatures against the project. The main worries of the residents are the disruption of the peaceful surrounding areas and the possible loss in property value that could come from these disruptions.

In order to gain approval, Blomsness assured the Planning Commission that the building provided no issues regarding noise. The building is silent from the outside as the fans that power the wind tunnel are enclosed. Blomsness also agreed to make adjustments to the building colors and surrounding landscaping in order to fit with the toned down sky blue and grey color scheme found on the surrounding buildings.

iFLY Woodlands Flyer Comparison Photo

Notes from the hearing appear online and can be accessed here via the City of Oceanside website.

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One comment on “iFLY Gains Approval to Build in Oceanside California

  • Donna Manning says:

    Shouldnt a building 6 stories high be built by the airport. Looks like there is ample land and it wouldnt interupt a neighborhood. Take down or move that horrible eyesore the swap meet! Come on City Council you can do better planning than that.

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