iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park seen from the back parking lot.
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Announced via Facebook today, March 8th 2016, iFLY Chicago in Lincoln Park is officially open to the public. The tunnel sits on the corner of Scott and Halsted St, just north of downtown. This makes indoor skydiving readily available to the heart of Chicago.

We've followed the project through announcement, construction and finally today the opening. This location is the 4th of the new 12 foot recirculating vertical wind tunnel models to open. We covered this new style of tunnel in the past. This latest offering near downtown is the 46th SkyVenture wind tunnel that we've added to our list.

This location adds to the two existing iFLY locations currently open in Naperville and Rosemont. Pricing is currently set the same across all three locations.

We recently visited the tunnel and can report that the interior is much different than the two existing locations. This Lincoln Park location is a single story with a darker interior. The single floor, open layout can support more spectators and foot traffic. This layout is very similar to what we've seen in the new 14 foot, single story models in Houston, Kansas City, San Diego and New York.

Some photos and videos from the new location:

A Flyer and instructor doing a high flight. The Flight Deck and Viewing Area Gear Counter and Flight Progression Chart

Visit the iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park page in our database.

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