Flyers in the 1st Annual IBA Global Kids Challenge
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On October 4th, the IBA will be hosting the 2nd annual Global Kids Challenge. The competition hosts young flyers from ages 6 to 16 in a worldwide battle. Flyers will compete at their local tunnels, but judged on a worldwide stage to compete for a grand prize paid in tunnel time.

Disciplines & Prizes

The event will host two disciplines with two classes each:

  • 2 Way FS Advanced
  • 2 Way FS Intermediate
  • Freestyle Advanced
  • Freestyle Intermediate

FS will be judged live at each location and freestyle will be judged online via video by selected judges. Winners have the opportunity to win the following:

2 Way FS:

1st Place: 3 Hours of Tunnel Time
2nd Place: 2 Hours of Tunnel Time
3rd Place: 1 Hour of Tunnel Time


1st Place: 1.5 Hours of Tunnel Time
2nd Place: 1 Hour of Tunnel Time
3rd Place: 30 Minutes of Tunnel Time

Where Can You Compete?

The list of participating tunnels is yet to be released, but any tunnel (IBA or not) is welcome to host a local meet as part of the global competition. The IBA is calling for tunnels around the world to join in hosting. If you're a tunnel manager and wish to take part in the competition, email:

IBA Global Kids Challenge Flyer

For more info on the competition, see the event page here on Indoor Skydiving Source: IBA Global Kids Challenge 2016

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