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Ben Roane has joined Gravity Indoor Skydiving's instructor Garth Lewis to form a professionally sponsored 2-way dynamic team. Ben and Garth will train over the next few months with a goal of entering their first competition in early 2017.

A press release from Gravity announced the team:

Ben joins Gravity from his home roots in the USA and will be the first professional sponsored athlete to represent Gravity Indoor Skydiving. He has been tunnel flying for about six years and skydiving for five years. Ben has had a lengthy career in high-level competition including two World Champion titles and will work with Garth to make sure this team is ready to compete on the global circuit.

Ben and Garth Team Training

Ben says: “Competition is what drives me most.  Gravity Indoor Skydiving is a world class facility and I am looking forward to taking this name into the now very competitive sport of tunnel flying.  I believe that Garth is a very talented flyer and I am looking forward to seeing what this team can produce, a new team, from a new tunnel is an exciting opportunity that I could not resist being a part of.  My goals are to continue to push myself and others to further this sport.”

Garth, originally from South Africa, has always been a competitive individual, representing South Africa in sports such as martial arts and squash in the past.  Three years ago Garth decided his passion was in the sport of body flight and began his career as a wind tunnel instructor in the UK.  Garth arrived at Gravity Indoor Skydiving in October, 2015 and brought with him some invaluable experience and some fantastic flying skills.

Garth added: “I feel deeply honored to have been selected to be a part of Gravity's first professional body flight team and to be in a position where I can represent Gravity on a global level, the discipline of body flight is what gets me up in the morning, it’s what drives me, and to be able to express my passion in such a manner is something that I have been working very hard on trying to achieve.”

Gravity Team Hand Signal

Zoe Edwards, Commercial and Marketing Manager adds: “I hope this team will not only be a representation of Gravity but also what Bahrain has to offer in terms of sport.  Bahrain is becoming globally renowned for its top athletes and we hope Gravity can add to this already existing world class level with this new team. We are also hoping to develop local talents to create a Bahraini team to compete at this level in the future.  I welcome Ben on board the team and am very excited to see the progression of these two very motivated flyers. ”

For more information on the wind tunnel, visit the Gravity Indoor Skydiving page here on ISS.

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