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Update: iFLY has announced plans to build a new location near the Chesterfield Mall. See the iFLY St Louis tunnel page.

Update: As of the end of August, 2015, Aerodium St Louis' pop-up wind tunnel has moved on. This location is no longer open to the public. We hope that this portable wind tunnel makes another appearance somewhere around the US in the summer of 2016. Make sure to subscribe for any future updates!

Wind tunnel manufacturer Aerodium is bringing indoor skydiving to St Louis, Missouri for the first time during the summer of 2015! Aerodium specializes in creating portable wind tunnels that can be assembled in almost any location around the world. These propeller below tunnels are a blast to fly in. Before St Louis, we had a chance to fly in this wind tunnel at the 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago. After the draft, the team from Aerodium moved the portable tunnel down to St Louis for a summer residency just west of the city.

The tunnel was located at 17891 N Outer 40 F Quad in Chesterfield, Missouri starting the middle of June 2015. Local flyers had the chance to enjoy bodyflight with the open sky as the backdrop until the 1st of September 2015.

We hope that this wind tunnel returns to the USA in 2016!

If you are looking for an indoor skydiving location near you, please use our wind tunnel location list.

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