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Coach Type(s)
FS (Formation Skydiving), Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly, VFS (Vertical Formation Skydiving)

Tunnel Instructor Status
Active Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

My name is Thiago, i am a Brazilian Skydiver since 2008.
Before all this, i had a plan to have a normal life haha, so i was going to school for Chemistry.
Decided to drop it when i started working as a cameraman at the dropzone.
Traveled to the US to jump more and eventually it took me to the tandem course.
Today, i have done ~3300 jumps (total), i do video jumps, tandem jumps and freefly jumps to ;)
In 2015 i had the chance to take the tunnel instructor course and nowadays i am mostly flying in the tunnel (Sao Paulo) other then in the sky. (wishing to jump more, of course )

Thiago Pastro's IBA/Tunnel Profile