Scott Palmer (Plamer) in Wingsuit
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iFly Dynamic

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Coach Type(s)
Dynamic Freefly

Tunnel Instructor Status
Past Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

I love to fly fast, travel and share my experiences with the people I meet along the way. I have developed my methods of teaching body flight over the last 10 years at more than 25 different wind tunnels worldwide. I teach wind tunnel dynamics to all skill levels through a slow speed progression. I feel that by flying at an appropriate wind speed, it gives the students confidence to "fly" through an entire transition. You can expect to Belly and Back Carve as well as perform Front and Back Layouts in every session with me. It doesn't matter if it's your first time in the wind tunnel or a seasoned pro. Refining these skills is the key to flying fast.

Ratings & Qualifications

USPA A,B,C,D Coach, Tandem, AFFe, S&TA, Pro
iFly Dynamic Coach


2014-WWXP d4w bronze, Charlewars d2w Gold, d4w 4th, Gunslinger d2w Bronze
2013 Voss Valhalla Silver
2012 Battle of Bottrop Gold
2009 VFS a few Bronze medals skydiving
2009 Skyventure Orlando some Freefly golds
2009 Paraclete XP some freefly golds
World Record (broken)for longest indoor flight 1hr 35 min
VFS world record 69 way and 138 way
Crane to wind tunnel stunt Nitro Circus

Scott Plamer's IBA/Tunnel Profile