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Terminal Velociraptor Bandits (D2W)

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Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly

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Active Instructor

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iFLY Dallas

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Biography/Coaching Philosophy

I believe that tunnel flying is an art form, and each individual has their own unique style. It is a privilege to help guide and encourage others to reach their full potential and attain their own personal goals.

As far as my own personal background, I was a skydiver first and then a tunnel flyer. I learned the static freelfly route, and then once I became an instructor, I went back and relearned everything the low speed dynamic way. This has given me a deeper insight into merits of each approach and application of skills learned. While working at iFly Dallas I have had the privilege of observing many of the worlds best tunnel flyers teaching camps, and have had the opportunity to pick and apply teaching techniques that I feel are the most effective.

I customize my coaching to the goals of each individual. While some people seek to become better flyers in the tunnel, many are looking to simply develop skills that translate to the activities they prefer in the sky.

Ratings & Qualifications

Tunnel: Instructor Level 4
Skydiving: USPA/SDU coach


2013 USPA Nationals 3rd place - 2 Way Dynamic (Team: Skyscrapers)
2014 WWXP 9th place - D2W (Team: Terminal Velociraptor Bandits)
2014 52-way Head-up World record

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