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Coaching Since

Coach Type(s)
FS (Formation Skydiving), Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly, VFS (Vertical Formation Skydiving), Freestyle

Tunnel Instructor Status
Active Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

Love sharing the Art of Body Flight with the world!
Began instructing at Flyaway in Las Vegas, NV
Won a silver medal in Skysurfing, 90% of my training was indoors.
I am currently coaching students as young as 9 and as old as 86.

Ratings & Qualifications

USPA AFF Instructor / Coach
Pro Rated Demonstration jumper
Flyaway Instructor
IBA Level Instructor / Coach


IBA Gold Medal in 2 way VFS
IBA Bronze Medal in 2 way VFS
USPA Silver medalist in Skysurfing
Woman's world record formation 2005,2009,2014