Joshua Tay
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iFLY Singapore

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Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly, Freestyle

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iFLY Singapore

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Right from the beginning when learning to bodyfly, I have always been compelled to narrow down the principles of what makes flying good in everybody. I always wondered what makes one guy fly so much better than the other. Was it his background in sports? Was it his coach or training? Was it because he watched a lot of videos? But the most important question to me was if anyone, even a simple guy like me, could learn it all… and I found out the answer to that is YES.

It has been my passion for the longest time to be able to fly my own body in the air, giving myself the awesome feeling of physical freedom like no other on this beautiful Earth. With more than 6 years experience and over a thousand hours in the tunnel, I wish to share this awesome feeling, and I want to help bodyflyers in a way that would exponentially propel them into the world of bodyflying. It never fails to light my heart up when I see the exhiliration in the eyes of my student when he or she finally flies without conscious thought, and getting that "lightbulb moment".

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International Bodyflight Association Trainer Level 4

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