Jenna Gygi
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Tunnel Instructor Status
Active Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

Jenna made a big entry in the sport since 2012, working her way up to one of the top acrobatic wingsuit pilots in both skills and coaching. She made her first wingsuit jump in Switzerland several years ago, and from that moment was hooked. In a short time period she gathered over a 1000 wingsuit skydives.

When the Indoor Wingsuit Tunnel opened in Sweden, Jenna was one of the first customers to pass 10 hours of flying time, and from there quite rapid became more involved as a coach, hired by the tunnel. Since that time she has gathered over 200 hours of flying time in the tunnel, and made Acrobatic flight her specialty in coaching. She is highly regarded as one the most skilled and experienced Indoor Wingsuit Coaches in the world, with competitive experience both indoor and outdoor.

Next to being an experienced wingsuit pilot, Jenna is also a Tandemmaster, with 400+ tandems under her belt.

Ratings & Qualifications

Indoor Wingsuit - Instructor / Flight Master / Pro-Coach
Phoenix Fly Wingsuit Coach
Tandem Master


1st Place - USPA Nationals, Acrobatic WS Competition - 2 Way Acro
1st Place - 2nd Acrobatic Indoor Wingsuit Competition - 2 Way
3rd Place - 2nd Acrobatic Indoor Wingsuit Competition - Proxy Tag
2nd Place - 1st Acrobatic Indoor WS Competition - 2 Way
2nd Place - 1st Acrobatic Indoor WS Competition - 2 Way Speed
2nd Place - Indoor Wingsuit, Proxy Tag Competition
2nd Place - Adrenalin Wingsuit Performance Competition 2017
3rd Place - Swiss Nationals, Wingsuit Performance 2015