Honza Turek Tunnel Coach
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Hurricane Factory Prague

Coaching Since

Coach Type(s)
Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly, Freestyle

Tunnel Instructor Status
Active Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

Coaching all the levels of flying.

Ratings & Qualifications

Tunnel instructors examiner.


Represent czech republic and Hurrica Factory Prague. We won the World challenge 2014 and we took the second place 2 years ago. We took twice second place in Russia White nights 2way dynamic and 4way dynamic. 2nd place 2014 Charlewars Belgium in 4way dynamic. 4th place in Paraclete XP USA 4way dynamic. 5th place in 1st FAI world champion chips in Prague. 2nd place in Clash of Champions in Dubai 2 way dynamic.