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Voando Sem Fronteiras (Flying with No Bounds)

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Static Freefly

Tunnel Instructor Status
Active Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

Freeflier, tunnel addict & a die hard punk rock fan.

I`ve been flying since 2013 and besides the techniques I`ve been learning inside the wind tunnel, the most important lesson I`ve learned is that everyone can fly and I believe the best freeflier in the world is not whose collected a lot of titles, but whom is having the most fun - not only inside the flight chamber or on the airplane, but on the ground, in their jobs, with their families.

I believe I can help you out with most disciplines at their beginnings, (even FS - because I`ve entered the sport to learn about FS/RW) but above all else, I`m married with freeflying.

Feel free to add me on facebook, it will be a pleasure for me to meet new people, no matter your flight level or frequency. Seriously.

Ratings & Qualifications

Officially sponsored by Wind Up Indoor Skydiving (Brazil) w/ partnership with QuedaLivre Paraquedismo Skydiving School.
Tunnel Instructor since 2014
Bodyflight coach since 2014
Punk Rocker since 2000