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1, 1

Tunnel Instructor Status
Never an Instructor

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

I have been flying in the tunnel since 2008 ans starting coaching beginner freeflyer in 2010.
I now fly mostly at Windoor, in Empuria Brava, but i'm available world while as i travel constantly to fly, train, compete and organise flying related events around the world.

I have been competing in outdoor freeflying from 2008 to 2012 with team Kristal, then in D4W from 2013 to 2014 with the Joyriders, and in D2W with Cathy Bouette since december 2015.

I have been very involved in the creation and developpement of the dynamic discipline and am truly passionate about this form of flying !
i'm looking forward to sharing this love with you !


French national freefly champion (2008-2009-2011)
European freefly champion (2011)
freefly World cup winner (2011)
freefly World Champion (2012)

french head down record 2011 and 2014 (organizer)
european head down record 2011 and 2013
world record head down 2009, 2010 (female), 2013 (female, organizer), 2015

Tunnel (participating and/or organizing and/or commenting)
Bedford World Challenge (2013)
Voss Valhalla (2013)
Knights of Prague (2013)
Charlewars (2014)
World War XP (2014)
White Nights (2015)
Dynamic world Cup Prague (2015)
Clash of Champions (2015)
Windgames (2016)