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Coach Type(s)
Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly, VFS (Vertical Formation Skydiving)

Tunnel Instructor Status
Active Instructor

Actively Coaching at
iFLY San Diego

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Biography/Coaching Philosophy

I have loved the freedom given to you while flying ever since my initial flight in 2011. Now all I strive for is to share that passion with the rest of the world. That opportunity was given to me in 2013 when I started working at iFly Dallas. Since then I have worked in 5 iFly locations with dozens of different people learning different techniques and styles incorporating them into my own. There is always something to learn and to share. I try and make it fun, which in my eyes is the most important part to remember when flying. With that being said never get frustrated and keep moving forward.

Ratings & Qualifications

IBA level 4 Instructor
IBA level 2 Trainer
USPA C-39308


USPA MFS Advanced Silver 2013
Chief Organizer of iFly Chicago Untouchables Event
Organizer at Chicagoland Skydiving Center Skills Camp
Organizer at FlajFlaj 2016
164-way Head Down World Record 2015
72-way Head Up World Record 2016

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