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Static Freefly, Dynamic Freefly

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Active Instructor

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Windoor Realfly

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Biography/Coaching Philosophy

I started sport skydiving at San Valentine day 2004, after 3 years in the army airborne.
I begun then to work into skydiving in 2009 coaching from basic to advanced in freefly, but mainly called around italy to load organize and coach flyers to learn how to fly bigways and start with sequentials. I ran also several skydive safety meetings and canopy flight skill camps.
In 2010 I start to coach friends, always asking feedbacks to coaches more skilled then me and looking, or better, observing.. them while working and flying.
I think that being humble in our sport, is the perfect way to reach success and one of the best "skill" to teach the beginners. Actually, "Be humble or be humbled".
This attitude permitted me to being invited in awesome skydiving/tunnel events around the world (such Eurosequentials Invitational) where I met lot of friends and great flyers.
I did then 4 years organizing tunnel camps in winter and load organizing around the dropzones in summer season.
Since jan 2014, I moved to Empuriabrava to enjoy one of the best "fun park" in europe to have the opportunity to fly everyday with my students and with the locals ninjas.
Most of my students come from Italy and many of them followed me since years.
I'm really happy to help them reach their goals, in the tunnel and outside.
The quote that best fits me is "Train hard, fight easy".

Ratings & Qualifications

450+ hours
IBA Tunnel Coach Level 1-4
Tunnel Instructor Class A and B, Flyer Class A and B

3500+ jumps
CS D.L. (Dispatcher)
CS P.T. Strong (Tandem Master)


Italian, European and World Freefly Record holder

Andrea Fast's IBA/Tunnel Profile