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Image of people indoor skydiving

Maybe you’ve already done a tandem skydive for your bucket list, but indoor skydiving is an entirely different experience and one you don’t want to miss.   Skydiving is perhaps the most common item found […]

Here are ten other things you can spend your hard-earned $40 on.   A lot of folks shy away from skydiving because it’s so expensive. It’s understandable. Traditional tandem skydiving (i.e. jumping out of a […]

Indoor Skydiving Gear Guide Header

Even in the early stages of your progression as a tunnel flyer, having the right gear is important. In this article we are going head to toe (literally) and discussing all the gear you'd possibly need as an indoor skydiver.

Two Freeflyers in Formation

Marino Kalligas from Madrid Fly shares his whitepaper on important safety aspects of vertical wind tunnels that both flyers and operators should consider.

Instructor working with a first time flyer in a wind tunnel

Learn how tunnels, safety organizations, and the trained instructors they employ keep indoor skydiving a safe activity for participants of all ages.

4 Way Dynamic Competition in FlyStation

Indoor skydiving competitions are happening all over the world. Learn the basics about competition disciplines and what it takes to participate.

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