Indoor Skydiving Source is the leading online resource for indoor skydiving. Each month more than 50,000 visitors view over 100,000 pages on the website. The majority of the visitors are people who have never flown before, looking for information and a location to fly. This makes the site extremely valuable for the visitors, and makes it an attractive opportunity for wind tunnel operators.
The website contains the only up-to-date listing of all vertical wind tunnels worldwide. Each tunnel has a profile page which gives visitors information specific to that location. These profile pages pages are also connected to the other resources on the site. We work every day to make sure that this list is as accurate as possible. Every single tunnel is listed in the database using our basic ad-supported display. Our advertising program for wind tunnel owners and operators allows you to upgrade your tunnel's profile to a premium display. This enables you to effectively funnel Indoor Skydiving Source's traffic to your front door.

Advantages of a Premium Profile:

Indoor Skydiving Source currently works with 25+ tunnels around the world to increase their businesses. We want to work with your tunnel to help drive targeted and educated new customers through your doors. Contact us for your personal quote for a Premium Profile which includes the following benefits:

On-Page Advertising

  • Basic Profiles contain two on-page advertising blocks.
  • Premium Profiles remove the display advertising found on basic wind tunnel pages. This provides a distraction free browsing experience which engages visitors to seek more information about your location.
Ad-Free Premium Profile

Contact Information

  • Basic Profiles do not contain contact information for your tunnel.
  • Premium Profiles allow you to display your tunnels contact information. This includes your choice of any or all: website links, phone number, or email addresses.
Contact Options on Premium Profile

Booking Referrals

  • Basic Profiles do not provide a path for an interested visitor to book a flight.
  • Premium Profiles add a prominent button that sends visitors to your booking system or preferred contact method. This prevents you from loosing interested customers at the crucial decision point.
Booking Referral Button on Premium Profile

Advertise Specials & Promotions

  • Basic Profiles don't show any specials or deals you offer.
  • Premium Profiles give you the option to add custom text and image advertisements to your tunnel's profile.
Specials & Promos on a Premium Profile

Measured ROI

  • With a Premium Profile we send monthly reports showing the traffic we sent you and the value of that traffic. We strive to create a long-lasting win-win relationships with every location we work with. Get in touch today to get started:

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