Windobona Berlin Exterior

Windobona has opened its 3rd location at Landsberger Allee 268 in Berlin, Germany. This location is the first ISG wind tunnel with a round flight chamber. The tunnel officially opened to the public on October 21st, 2017.

Windobona Madrid Wind Tunnel

As of early November 2016, this ISG wind tunnel is open to the public! This location features amazing air quality, a cooling system and a fantastic interior design. This location is the second Windobona branded […]

Windobona Vienna Facility

This location opened in early September 2015 and will be followed by many other Wind-o-Bona tunnels. WIND-O-BONA Indoor Skydiving Vienna is the first wind tunnel constructed in Vienna, Austria. The tunnel is manufactured by Indoor Skydiving Germany […]

2019 Austrian Indoor Skydiving Championship Flyer

The 3rd Austrian Nationals will take place at the same time as the Windobona Open on March 8-9, 2019. Full event information can be found here:

2nd Windobona Madrid Open Flyer

Windobona is hosting their second 2way competition. Flyers compete in FS and MFS. The registration cost of 220€ includes the competition and 5 minutes of training time. Training and draw will be held on Friday, […]

2017 Austrian Nationals & Windobona Open Flyer

Windobona in Vienna will host the first ever Austrian Indoor Skydiving Championships. The event takes place in late Feburary with teams competing in 3 disciplines. In addition to the Championships, the WINDOBONA Open event is […]

WindoBona Madrid Featured Facility

On the first of the month, the WindoBona brand of indoor skydiving venue opened their second location in Madrid, Spain. Take a tour of the new facility.

Windobona Madrid is Here
Windobona - Just Flying fin Thumb

Black suits, great flying, beautiful photography and a stunning wind tunnel. Pieter Vanderhaeghen, Luke Warren and Felix Seifert show us some of their flying in the ISG wind tunnel located in the heart of Vienna!

Windobona Imagevideo Thumb
2018 Austrian Indoor Skydiving Nationals

The 2018 edition of the Austrian Indoor Skydiving Nationals and the 2018 Windobona Open are taking place this Feb. The tunnel is looking forward to a great competition with many participants and spectators! Disciplines & Rules […]

Instructor working with a first time flyer in a wind tunnel

Learn how tunnels, safety organizations, and the trained instructors they employ keep indoor skydiving a safe activity for participants of all ages.

New ISS Homepage Announcement

A new ISS homepage design was launched on May 22nd. Read about the history of the website, support of the indoor skydiving industry and the new homepage.

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