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Each day the ISS wind tunnel database helps thousands of people discover tunnels near them. We have gathered and maintain the only complete and up-to-date list of tunnels available online - every tunnel from every manufacturer worldwide.

Tunnel Manufacturers

Tunnel Manufacturers

Our industry is booming and the companies designing and constructing vertical wind tunnels are leading the way. If you're looking to start a wind tunnel business for either public or private purposes, find a tunnel manufacturer here.

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In indoor skydiving, the saying "dress for success" couldn't be more fitting. Good gear can make all the difference. That's why we've made it easy for you to choose the right gear with our complete Gear Guide.

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Latest Tunnel Reviews

Each location's profile features a review functionality where flyers leave feedback about their flights. Read the latest reviews right here and be sure to visit your local tunnel's profile to leave your feedback:

"Don't waste your Time & Money"

Terrible for experienced skydivers and Wind tunnel rats! Forced to take a $75. Class, Then handed a enormous jump suit…
By: Air Time on September 27, 2020

By: Professor on September 21, 2020
"Shady Business Practices"

We were scheduled to fly, but then the pandemic hit. We received an email that we would be refunded, but…
By: Lizzie on September 3, 2020
"I am so excited for iFly..."

I visited the iFly in the Toronto area in 2018 and WOW I loved it. I was hooked right away.…
By: Stefan Neff on August 14, 2020
"Great flight"

This is a great flight
By: Br0fyler on July 30, 2020
"Awesome trainer/first time flyer"

Brian at ifly El Paso is awesome. He made my step daughters experience so fun. We went back twice and…
By: Carollynn on July 20, 2020
"Amazing experience!"

My instructor Nick G. was really great! I was nervous when I first went in, but he went over things…
By: LilyLuna93 on July 6, 2020
"nice place"

Very nice and new place. good for skydive community in Thailand. Strong and reliable wind. Brand new. Wish it would…
By: shah on May 8, 2020
"Great fly"

Great fly
By: Mini on April 30, 2020

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High Flight in Fort Worth
Class Prepping to Fly
Young Flyer and Instructor in Madrid
The tunnel lit up at night in Iran.
Flyer in Red at Saba Skydiving
A flyer and instructor having a great time.
Woman and Instructor Flying

Since 2014 ISS has grown to become the leading resource for indoor skydiving. Find a wind tunnel near you in our complete wind tunnel database. Discover the amazing, safe, worldwide sport of bodyflight through our wealth of resources.

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