Charlewars Return of the Jedi

CharleWars 2 - Return of the Dynamic Jedi

April 28, 2016 to April 30, 2016
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Event Information

Charlewars 2 Livestream:

The event livestream will be happening right here at the following times:

3pm CEST - Friday 4/29
4pm CEST - Saturday 4/30

Convert time to local here.

Also stream via the Airspace site.

The second edition of CharleWars will take place at Airspace Indoor Skydiving April 28th through the 30th, 2016. The Star Wars theme continues strong and the hype for this event is epic!

CharleWars Flyer


Dynamic 2/4 Way

Rules are the current Dynamic Flying divepool.


Full event information and registration for participants here:

Point of Contact: